Md. Zahid Hossen

Md. Zahid Hossen
B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Data Scientist; 6+ Years Experiance 

During my undergraduate thesis I was introduced to the beautiful world of Machine Learning. 
And Immediately fell in love with it. After completing graduation I pursued a career in Machine Learning.
Learned the craft and started freelance work. Alongside I was mentoring people both offline and online. 
Taught people how to code. Also mentored some data science and machine learning enthusiast to learn the technology.
In the meantime I was involved in several machine learning projects.

I worked as a mentor and consultant of machine learning product in AI Labs, Germany.It was a remote job. It was an startup that was trying to 
apply machine learning in the fashion industry.

After that I got an offer from SAI groups in London. There I worked on a computer vision system. The system was used to 
reduce cost of super shops.

I also worked in BJIT Limited, Bangladesh. Where I worked on computer vision systems.