Intensive Training Program on Geographic Information System (GIS)
Professor Dr Md Shahedur Rashid

Professor Dr Md Shahedur Rashid

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Intensive Training Program on Geographic Information System (GIS)

Offline: TK 25000

Start Date : 2020-02-05  

Total Class : 30   Total Hours: 60

Location : D F Tower (Level-11A) Skill Jobs Digital Lab Skill Jobs Digital Lab, House # 11 (Level-11A), Road # 14, Dhanmondi, Shobhanbag, Dhaka-1209

Friday : 05:30 Pm - 07:30 PM

Saturday : 05:30 Pm - 07:30 PM

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Intensive Training Program on Geographic Information System (GIS)

This training program will focus on fundamental theory and working procedures in GIS. The components of the GIS will be identified and explained. A basic theoretical and hands-on-exposures in installing, applications and management of GIS software will be dealt with here. It will also be encompassed major sources of GIS data like remote Sensing, satellite Navigation & GPS and Conventional Maps for planning, development, environment and contemporary issues.

Course Content

Days: 1-3 * GIS Basics : 


Define GIS, Understanding Geographic/al on a graph coordinate, Information in DIKW model, and explaining Systems/ Science /Studies / Services/ Societies


Days: 4-5 * GIS Types :


Vector (point line polygon) GIS and Raster GIS (pixels, resolution, wavelength, bands, DN values etc)


Days: 6-8 * Projection (theory)


Definitions, 3D/2D Distortions, Earth vs Globe vs map, the importance of Map, Projections types and common parameters


Days: 9-10 * Projection (examples from Bangladesh)


LCC, BTM, BUTM and other projection parameters that are commonly used for Bangladesh, hands-on-practice


Days: 11-13 * GIS and  Maps


From Major Rennell’s to Mauza to Upazila to Rajuk’s Maps for references, planning, environmental monitoring and mapping, revenues collection and other purposes


Days: 14 * 




Day: 15-16 * Handling Elements of Map Layouts


Title, subtitle, frame, legend, grid, north-line, liner, and other scale bar, sources, etc.


Day: 17-18 * Scales and Legends in Maps


Pointing out various scales, and the features available in the commonly used maps in Bangladesh including projection and grid parameters


Day: 19-20 *  Image Interpretation in GIS


Tone/Color, shape, size,  texture. pattern, shadow, site, association, etc


Day: 21-23 *  Google Earth Pro   (Open Source Data, Image and GIS platform)


Google Earth Pro, its history, tools, time slider, sidebar applications, point line polygon drawings, layout preparations, downloading and exporting from KML to SHP files, GPS integrations


Day: 24-26 * Open source ArcView GIS


Basic modules, projections, digitization, the anatomy of an image using image analysis and final output of a map


Day: 27-30 * Overlay Techniques


Dissolve, Buffer, Clip, Intersect, Union, Assign, etc


Day: 31-32 * Satellite Navigation


Definitions, history,  GPS Principles, and Other Navigation Systems, Advantages, and disadvantages of GPS, satellite constellations, atomic clock.


Day: 33 * GPS Survey


GPS Survey data collection methods, unit configurations, an ideal GPS device, and its keypads and basic pages. Data collections from the field. GPS software.


Day: 34-35 * 


Presentations on Assigned Themes


Day: 36 * 


Final  Assessment and Certificate Distribution



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