Oracle DBA 12c


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Oracle DBA 12c (1st Batch)

TK 35000

Start Date : 2018-12-05  

Total Class : 30   Total Hours: 60

Location : H # 11 (Level-7A), R # 14, Dhanmondi, Shobhanbag, Dhaka-1209

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Course Content

 Course contains of Database Administration 

ORACLE 12c SQL (24 hours)

  1. Overview of Database
  2. Basic SQL and Select Statement
  3. Table Creation and Management
  4. Database Constraints
  5. Data Manipulation
  6. Additional Database Objects
  7. User creation and Management
  8. Restriction rows and sorting
  9. Joining rows and functions
  10. Subqueries and MERGE
  12. Evolutions Test  

Database Administration Hands-on Training (Workshop I and II)  (36 hours)

Oracle 12c architecture  

  • The Database Instance
  • Database Memory Structures
  • Database Process Structures
  • Database Storage Architecture

Oracle 12c Installation 

  • Operating System/Host configuration for Database installation
  •  Database server installation
  •  Post installation activities              
  •  Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express (EM Database Express)

Oracle12c Pluggable Database (Container Database) 

  • Understand the multitenant architecture.
  • Create and manage a multitenant container database and pluggable databases.
  • Manage storage within a multitenant container database and pluggable databases.
  • Perform particular operations like Oracle Data Pump
  • Perform backup, recover and flashback operations on a multitenant container database 
  • Practice

Oracle 12c RMAN Backup/Recovery   

  • RMAN existing and 12c new features
  • RMAN Backup configuration
  • Different types of incremental Backup creation
  • Backup restoration
  • Scenario based backup restoration
  • RMAN Duplicate Database creation
  • Practice

Oracle 12c Data Pump, SQL*Loader, and External Tables 

  • Exporting/Importing Database
  • Loading Data using SQL*Loader
  • Using External Table

Oracle Database Auditing 

  •  Oracle 12c Unified auditing
  •  Configuration
  •  Practice

Database tuning and Monitoring 

  • Using Oracle Diagnosis tools       SQL Tuning
  • Memory and Process tuning


Evolutions Test